About Us

The Coastal Yarn Experience...

We can't bring the water to you, but we can bring you the peace!

Knitting and Crocheting is a quiet and peaceful way to be creative.  At In the Loop, we have learned that the ancient art of handwork is healing to the spirit and soul.


Primarily "In the Loop" is a beautiful yarn store, filled with incredible fibers that are not easily found.  You'll find superwash soft acrylics and hand dyed wools to  luxurious cashmere.


Our store, located in Historic Downtown Silsbee, is a gathering place, where like-minded souls can browse the wonderful yarns.  You are invited to sit and  crochet or knit in a beautiful sitting area to your heart's content!  Enjoy a complimentary gourmet coffee or hot tea and relax!. You may learn something by participating in the conversations of other yarn enthusiasts, or just enjoy the company of others who share this interest with you.


By all means, visit the beautiful and unique store!  But if you can't, you can still browse and shop in our online store.

Our Story





Past successful gift shop owner of 8 years in the 90’s, Cyndi Fontaine, with over 30 years customer service and sales experience, realized that there was something else God wanted her to do.  She committed it to prayer & waited for direction & timing.

Upon her 50th birthday, she and a dear friend, went for a birthday lunch.  They met up at The Vintage Owl, a new thriving Fabric/Quilt shop.  Cyndi had not been in the shop yet.  One week prior, Cyndi had a dream, that she was to be a business owner, once again in the downtown Silsbee area.

Upon arrival, Cyndi was not aware of a vacant spot soon to be up for lease upon renovation.  At the opening of the doors, the site down to the studs, yet Cyndi envisioned a yarn shop with gifts.  When she told her friend & owners of The Vintage Owl, of her vision, they confirmed that customers had been requesting yarn & classes.

When deciding on a theme for the shop, Cyndi knew that her happiest place on earth, to knit or crochet, was “the beach”.  From the colors of the sea on the walls, to the custom upholstered furniture, with an authentic ship’s wheel, as the center of “The Loop” circle.  The place then became home, where hearts would be knit together.


Cyndi Fontaine, owner

Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

The Story Behind our Logo





It was not an accident that we chose the octopus as the centerpiece of our logo.  This sea-creature fits into the ocean theme that we have chosen to be the backdrop of our business.  We desire to share the peace and tranquility of the ocean with our customers as they enjoy the same peace that can be found in handiwork.   The definition of an octopus describes a creature with 8 arms--something a multi-tasker would love to have!  With multiple arms to take care of all of the life-tasks that keep us busy, there are always two left in which to create that important place in our lives that is just for ourselves.  For many, that little creative corner is knitting or crocheting.


Our little octopus wears pearls, which is also representative of our business model.   The pearl is a product of the sea, where an irritant--a grain of sand--becomes something beautiful and valuable through perseverance.   Pearls also carry a sentimental attachment for our owner, through a vintage string of pearls handed down to her by a beloved aunt who believed in her and encouraged her to have faith in her God, and in her dreams.



Tuesday 2-7PM and

Wednesday-Saturday 10-5PM